• Be the most responsive possible in order to fix your problems
  • Get you in touch with a qualified technician to diagnose breakdowns
  • Set up an intervention in emergency
  • Give you a detailed report of troubleshooting
  • Help you to improve your equipments, production and security


We repair every types of welding machines, dryers, induction furnaces and cutting laser systems and includ technical adaptations, whether is your machines are new or second hand.

Priming , cracked cut-flash card, molten inductance or a burnt condenser ... so many anomalies that our technicians can repair. 

transfo hfti

 Burnt transformer 

 self hfti

Molten inductance

maintenance depannage societe hfti

Poorly maintained transistor


condensateur hfti

Burnt capacitor

carte anti-flash hfti

 Burnt cut-flash card

amorcage anode hfti

        Broken valve


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