Standards & Machine conformity


The European Union set up regulations and compulsory devices, to guarantee the health, the protection, and the improvement of working conditions of staffs evolving in an environment subjected to radiations emitted by high-frequency machines. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the high-frequency, HFTI company works in association with several organization such as INRS (French organization for health and research) to support all companies which want to be in conformity with new high frequency European standards



Directive EMC  2004/108/EC aims to harmonize the provisions of national law ensuring the protection of equipment against electromagnetic disturbance . The Directive is based on the principles of the "new approach" to technical harmonization and standards. In accordance with this new approach, the design and manufacture of equipment is subject to essential requirements in relation to electromagnetic compatibility [...]

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 A new directive «physical agents –electromagnetic field » about radiation reduction established in 2013 replace the decree 2004/40/CE which set out minimum safety against electromagnetic field. 

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