In the labor world, training is essential to maintain a high skill level and productivity.




HFTI gives you the opportunity to:

  • Improve your knowledge and adapt your skills to new professional requirements
  • Give some recognition to the value of your experience
  • Give a lift to your career and upgrade you to a new post


We realize detailed estimates with our training program




Trainings lead by expert


Production operator training

To achieve High Frequency basis for optimal settings and production improvement

Service technician  training

 To achieve High Frequency basis and methodical reasoning for operating and troubleshooting

Research department training

 To improve the manufacturing time, adapt your new products, analyze your welding tools



Human and technical teaching resources


Theoretical knowledge is materialized according to the learning through practical classes organized on your site.

During all training, we identify each component, advantages and disadvantages and the dangerousness related to their installations.

Each analysis method will be illustrated and evaluate through:

  • Dynamic modern teaching method
  • Case studies
  • Overview
  • Group work
  • Written tests